You have no idea how honored I am that you’re wanting to follow along on my many adventures!Β My heart breaks a little at the thought that I never wrote about my summer of living in Hawaii.Β Or my trips last year of state hopping from Ohio, to Illinois, to Washington, to California, back to Illinois, and then North Carolina. And then up to California again, and down to Tampa. All of those trips were filled with the most wonderful adventures. The Lord used those trips to take me completely out of my comfort zone…He did a few works in me up above those clouds, and theres something about being far away from everything, and being a little closer to heaven, that never fails to bring me to tears. And it certainly won’t be the last time either… πŸ˜‰ I have several trips planned for this year, and this time, I can’t wait to actually write about them and bring you along in those late nights in the airport, the beautiful and sweet (and maybe a few creepy) strangers that I meet, and the viewsΒ that leave me in awe. Its gonna be a good year, friends.


Travel dates of 2016 (so far)


April 2-5th – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (and fingers crossed to Waco, to meet Joanna Gaines. ;))
May 5-8th – New Burn, NC
May 9th-16th – Portland, OR + Seattle, WA
June – Hoping to be in good ole’ Nashville, but not sure of dates
July 22nd-25th – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
August 2-5th – Denver, CO
August 5th-10th – Nashville, TN
September – I turn 21 and not a single tripped planned. This is not ok.